Marlton’s low crime rate and great schools make it a great place to live, but it’s also a great place to visit. It may not match the bustling energy of concrete jungles like New York City, but Marlton offers a host of activities for visitors. Whether you’d like your vacation to consist of relaxing and spending time in nature or trying as many new things as possible, Marlton has options for everyone. Here are just a few of the many reasons to Visit Marlton and why it is a great place to visit any time of the year. 

Black Run Preserve

Located in Evesham Township, just 11 minutes from Marlton, is Black Run Preserve. This 1,300 acre stretch of land contains a range of habitats, from pine forests to wetlands and streams. It contains hundreds of species, including several threatened and endangered plants and animals. Some of the many reasons to Visit Marlton include a variety of activities to do at the preserve, from birdwatching and geocaching to mountain biking and walking the miles of trails that the park has to offer. Since the drive from town to the preserve is so short, it provides you with regular opportunities to spend some time in nature. Black Run Preserve has a little bit of everything, whether you’d prefer a fast-paced mountain biking experience, some alone time, or a chance to spend time with the family. 

Great Indoor Sports

When the weather is too cold or wet for some of the outdoor sports you enjoy, there are plenty of indoor sports in Marlton to keep you busy. We have multiple rock-climbing gyms with walls of varying difficulties, allowing you to find somewhere that matches your skill level. These rock climbing gyms are also a great place to teach your children to rock climb for the first time, with predictable levels of difficulty and without the interference of weather or strong winds. 

If rock climbing isn’t your thing, however, we have some unique sports, too. There are several axe houses in town, where you can learn to throw an axe at a target before competing against your friends, date, or other people in the ax house. This is a unique experience that many towns, even states, simply don’t have. So whether you’re a visitor to Marlton or a long-time resident, trying your hand at axe throwing is worth it for the experience—and the bragging rights!  

Escape Rooms

If you love the night of excitement and mystery that escape rooms offer, or have simply wanted to try one for a long time, Marlton is a great place to be. There are multiple escape rooms in town, some of which offer a number of different challenges you can try. With so many options to choose from, it’ll take you a long time to get through all of the challenges in town. Escape rooms make for a great date night or a fun night out with friends or family; if you love meeting new people, it’s even a great solo activity! You can enjoy escape rooms even in the worst of weather, so if you’ve been rained out of your outdoor plans, it’s the perfect place to spend an hour or two.  

Jake’s Place

Jake’s Place is opening soon in Delran, NJ, just over 20 minutes away from Marlton!

Jake’s Place is a unique playground experience unlike any your child has had before. It’s an all-inclusive playground that accommodates children with disabilities; it has wide ramps for children with mobility aids, and the material that cushions the ground doesn’t hinder the mobility of wheelchairs or walkers. The goal of this playground is for it to be accessible and enjoyable for all kids, whether they’re abled or disabled, and to foster friendship between kids of all backgrounds. As such, it has a ton of different activities for your children to pick from, from sensory play activities to swings, balance beams, a rock wall, and more. Jake’s Place even has a wheelchair-accessible glider! 

It will be a great place to bring your entire family, with picnic tables, seating, a grilling station, and restrooms located just outside of the play area. Jake’s Place offers learning opportunities and a lot of fun for kids, providing a new type of playing experience that many children simply haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy. It’s a unique feature of Marlton that is definitely worth checking out if you have little ones. 

The Marlton Tavern

If you’re looking for great food, The Marlton Tavern is a great local spot to try—especially if you also love history! The tavern is an old Victorian home, built in 1898 and owned by Clayton Brick. Clayton’s father, Henry, was a prosperous and well-known resident of Marlton. After its extensive restoration and transformation into a restaurant, the Marlton Tavern now serves its guest with American-style food that pulls inspiration from cuisines across the world. 

This list of reasons to Visit Marlton offers just a taste of what Marlton has to offer—if you come to visit, you’re sure to discover even more of Marlton’s hidden gems. Marlton offers many unique and interesting experiences to its visitors and residents alike, with plenty of opportunities for entertainment and exercise both indoors and outdoors; in Marlton, you’ll never find yourself stuck inside on a cold or rainy day, wondering what you should do.