Choosing a Dentist Near Me in Marlton, NJ

A great general dentist should have many of the positive attributes of a great doctor: they should give great advice, ensure that you understand all of your treatment options, and help you to feel relaxed and comfortable during your appointments. General dentists can have a huge impact on your oral health, so we understand how important it is to find the best general dentist for you.

Ask around and do a Google search.

A great way to start your search for a general dentist is to ask your local friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. Most people won’t recommend a dentist they don’t like, so this is a great way to get started. Once you have a few suggestions, you can Google them to find out how far they are from your house—you might eliminate a few recommendations simply because they are farther than you want to drive. You can also perform a general Google search to get the names of a few more practices that are close to your house.

Before you spend a lot of time diving into the details of each practice, make sure that your insurance accepts each office on your list of potentials. This will save you time and might help narrow down your list somewhat, but even if it doesn’t, it’s okay to have a longer list at this point—having a lot of options is a good thing!

Check online reviews.

Spend time checking the online reviews of each practice on your list. Before you even read them, look at the percentage of positive and negative reviews each practice has. Every business is going to get some negative reviews—it’s simply unavoidable, no matter how great the practice is—but the majority of their reviews should be positive. If a practice has a high percentage of bad reviews, it’s probably wise to strike it off your list.

Once you’ve done this, you can start reading the reviews of each practice you’re considering. You can learn a lot about a dental practice by paying attention to what its reviews say. If a lot of people are mentioning the same issue, such as an inefficient or rude staff, you might want to cross that practice off your list or make a note to pay special attention to that detail if you call or visit the office. It’s equally important to pay attention to what positive reviews have to say. If many reviews mention the same detail, such as how friendly the staff is or how well the dentist explained necessary procedures, that’s a great sign. Here are a few of our reviews to give you an idea of what you should be looking for:

“Doctor Van and his staff are amazing! Like many others, I’ve never been a fan of visiting the dentist, but he immediately put me at ease and answered all my questions when I came into his office with an emergency. ALL of my future dental care will be done here, especially now that I’m not ‘afraid of the dentist.’” — Dave M.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Van and the entire staff at Acorn Dental! I echo others’ sentiments in that you really are treated like family. Dr. Van truly cares about his patients. He called our home following a dental procedure for our daughter, just to see how she was doing!! It’s the little personal touches, in addition to the stellar care that you receive, that makes this dental practice the best around!” — Marcie D.

Take note of the services they offer.

Many general dentists also offer other services, such as orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry. If you’re interested in receiving one of these treatments in the future, try and find a skilled general dentist who also offers them. This will save you the hassle of needing to find a specialist when you’re ready for this treatment; you can simply make an appointment with the dentist you already know and trust. While this might not be the deciding factor in your choice, it’s a good detail to keep in mind.

Pay attention to the office and staff.

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a few potential dentists, schedule a consultation with each dentist. While you’re there, pay attention to the office and the staff. The office doesn’t need to look like it came straight from a modern design magazine, but it should appear clean and well cared for.

Additionally, a dentist’s staff is equally as important as the dentist; you’ll be seeing a lot of them and relying on them to properly file insurance claims and billing statements. The staff should seem skilled and friendly, and it should seem like they enjoy working in the office. Good working environments often make for friendlier people and a higher quality of work, while a dissatisfied staff could point toward a dentist who is unkind to the people who work for them—which doesn’t bode well for their long-term treatment of patients, either.

You’ll value aspects of an office differently than someone else would, so prioritize the qualities you’d like to see in an ideal practice before you go. This will help you remember details and compare the offices you visited a little bit more fairly once you have seen all of them.

Interview prospective dentists.

Interviewing prospective dentists will help you to get a better sense for their experience, treatment style, and personality. Skilled dentists are proud of their accomplishments, so they won’t mind some probing questions. A great question to ask them is what their goals are for patient care. Watch out for dentists who seem to be pushing more extreme or expensive treatments; if money is a dentist’s top priority, your oral health will take a back seat.

Also ask if they take courses to continue their education, and if so, what topics they have recently taken courses on. This will give you a better idea of their focus and how up-to-date they are on the latest dental technologies. Additionally, you may want to ask about cost, financing options, how they handle patients with dental anxiety, and what the office’s procedure for dental emergencies is.

Even if a dentist aces the interview, it’s important that they listen patiently to what you have to say and that you feel comfortable around them. If you feel uncomfortable or if their personality rubs you the wrong way, it’s okay to cross them off your list. They might still be a great dentist, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option for you. You’ll be trusting whoever you pick with your oral health, and trust is hard to give to someone you can’t even relax around.

While it might feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, the internet has made finding a skilled dentist relatively easy. With a little work, you can narrow down your search list very quickly, and set up interviews with a few select dentists whose practices have what you need. If you’re looking for a general dentist in the Marlton area, to be specific the best general dentist, feel free to call our office any time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Van Istendal.