Moving is often a great chance to get a fresh start; for some, that’s a new job or the opportunity to make new friends, while for others it’s moving closer to family. No matter what your reasons for moving are, if you’re looking into moving to Marlton, NJ and make it your home, there’s a lot of facts to learn and details to iron out first. To help you get a head start, we’ve compiled a list of the main things you need to know about moving to Marlton, NJ. 

Marlton Is Safe

In fact, it’s safer than 49% of all U.S. cities. In Marlton, you won’t have to worry about crime rates as much as you would have to in major cities like New York, Chicago, or Richmond. Whether you’re looking for a safe place to raise your kids or a quiet neighborhood to settle down and retire in, Marlton is a great choice. 

It Has Good Schools

If you have kids, it’s likely incredibly important to you that your children will end up going to great schools; which school district you end up in can even play a big role in which house you buy. Thankfully, Marlton has many wonderful schools, from elementary school to high school, that all provide great educations to their students. 

It’s Close to Major Colleges

If you’re going to be an empty nester soon, you’ll be glad to know that Marlton is close to many universities; your child will be able to pick from a wide range of schools without straying too far from home. If they attend one of these many nearby colleges, your child will be able to come home and do laundry on the weekends and you’ll be able to visit them whenever you want. 

Camden County College is only 11 minutes away from Marlton’s center, allowing your child the option of saving money and living at home while they get their degree. Similarly, Rutgers University – Camden is only 30 minutes away from Marlton, while many more colleges, such as Princeton and College of New Jersey, are under an hour away. This provides both you and your child with plenty of options—your child won’t have to go to a college hundreds of miles away to find a college with a great program for their desired major. 

Housing Costs Are Relatively Low

Especially when you compare it to other cities, the housing costs in Marlton are relatively low. In 2016, the median home value was $243,932, while the median household income was $71,508. When compared with major cities like Los Angeles and New York, living in Marlton is significantly less expensive. 

Marlton’s Evesham Library

If you love books or research, Evesham Library will be one of Marlton’s major attractions for you. It’s a branch of The Burlington County Library System, which has its main headquarters in Westampton in addition to seven branches, one of which is Evesham. This means that you will have access to over 900,000 books located somewhere in that system; if BCLS doesn’t have the book you’re looking for, the library’s interlibrary loan program allows you to request it. You’ll be able to borrow almost any book you could dream of from the library. If research is more your speed, the BCLS has a massive reference collection, worth millions of dollars, that covers a wide range of topics. You’ll never be bored at this library!  

Acorn Dental’s Low Dental Care Costs

Our team works hard to keep your dental costs low, as we believe everyone should have access to quality dental care. One of the major ways we do this is through our Dental Assistance Savings Plan, which offers free consultations, no yearly maximum, no deductibles, no claim forms, and much more. 

This plan is available for individuals or families of any size, and involves paying an annual fee, which varies in price based on the number of people who are participating. Once you become a member, many X-rays and diagnostic procedures are completely free, as are a number of preventative treatments. Most other treatments, including fillings, crowns, oral surgery, and teeth whitening treatments,  are 15% off for members. If you’re interested in checking out this plan, you can read more about it here. Our goal is for this plan to help you get quality care when you need it at a price you can afford. 

From affordable living, a great location, and so many great schools to entertainment and safety, moving to Marlton would certainly be a good idea. If you’re considering moving here, we believe there are so many reasons you’ll love it—we certainly do!