Dr. Basem Rashad - DMD

After experiencing tooth loss, you may be looking for a solution in New Jersey and stumbled across two options: dental implants and dentures. But how do these solutions work, and which is best? 


Dental implants are titanium screws set into your jawbone to replace the root of your missing teeth. Once this is fitted, a period of time is given where the bone of your jaw should grow around it, setting the screw in place. When this is set, a crown (false tooth) is fitted on top of the screw. 


Dentures are false teeth made of acrylic that can be removed. Dentures fit over your gums and replace missing teeth. You can get a complete denture, which replaces all upper or lower teeth, or a partial set, which replaces a single or a few missing teeth. 


The answer to the second question – dental implants vs dentures, which is better? – will depend on your circumstances and what you want to get out of your teeth replacement in Marlton, New Jersey. To explain further, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each option. 

Dental Implants vs Dentures: Pros and Cons


The procedure for dental implants is more invasive: any leftover root must be dug out of your jaw, and a hole must be drilled into your jaw to make space for the implant. The process for dentures is less invasive – simply, an impression is taken of your gums – but there may need to be follow up appointments for dentures. Dentures have to change as your bite naturally changes. Therefore, you may end up going back to the dentist a few times. 


In terms of price, dental implants are significantly more expensive than dentures. The American Dental Association (ADA) estimates that dentures cost around $1,600 for a complete upper set. In comparison, the ADA estimates between $1,600 and $2,200 for each single tooth when using dental implants. 


Sometimes, complications arise due to medical treatment. This is no different with dentures and dental implants. Though complications are not common, dentures can cause problems when they don’t stay in place or when sores form on the gums. With dental implants, the issues that could happen are loose ‘roots’ or cracks in crowns. Infection is sometimes a possibility with dental implants. 


What might affect your decision on dental implants vs dentures?


You may want to choose one over the other due to personal factors. Age is often a contributing factor. Those in their fifties or younger in Marlton might prefer dental implants because they will still get a few decades use out of them. Alternatively, the elderly might prefer dentures, as the intense process of acquiring dental implants may not seem worth it. 


Similarly, your lifestyle might affect your choice. Dentures require more effort to maintain hygienically than dental implants. If you don’t have the time to clean them regularly and properly, dental implants might be a better choice. 


There might also be factors out of your hands that decide which you choose. For dental implants, a certain amount of bone material in your jaw is needed. If you have less bone material than ideal, dental implants might not be an option.