Dental Restoration with Dental Implants

Used successfully for over 30 years, dental implants are the only dental restoration procedure that preserves the integrity and structure of your jaw.

Dental implants start with a metal post that is surgically placed (implanted) in the jaw bone to replace, and mimic, the root of a tooth. By stimulating the bone like a natural tooth does, implants signal to the body the need to continue creating new cells. These cells both maintain and strengthen your jaw bone’s structure. Left unstimulated, new cells are no longer developed and, over time, the jaw bone shrinks in width and height.

What does all that mean for you? When we lose a tooth, the portion of our jaw that was home to that tooth or teeth degrades. That degradation will change the look of your face. You might have noticed others who have missing teeth or dentures have an almost sunken in appearance after a few years of no teeth. That’s due in large part to the change in the jaw bone. Dental implants will prevent this change in appearance.

Due to an incredible process called osseointegration, the jaw bone heals around the metal post of your dental implant giving it tooth-like stability. This healing process can take anywhere from three to six months—but the results are well worth the wait.

Throughout the healing process it’s critical to maintain good oral hygiene habits, follow dentist instructions, and abstain from hard-to-chew foods to ensure optimum healing times and avoid complications.

Once healed, a screw is placed within the post and acts as an anchor for the crown or bridge to be placed on top to finalize the restoration.

To ensure dental implants are the best treatment plan for you, we will conduct a medical and dental history as well as a complete oral exam. Dr. Van Istendal will review your treatment options with you before beginning the dental implant process.

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