Are you one of those people who think that dental implants are only for cosmetic purposes? Dental implants are not just for replacing a missing tooth or restoring your smile – these implants have numerous benefits that go beyond cosmetic reasons. Here at Acorn Dental, we offer dental implants near you.

The first step to getting a dental implant involves finding the right dentist who provides the treatment. We specialize in dental implants, and our team of dental professionals provides quality care to make our patients smile. 

We believe dental implants are the best option for patients who want to restore their teeth with a long-lasting solution. Let’s delve further into the advantages of dental implants and why they are becoming popular.

1) Natural Look and Feel:

Unlike dentures, dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth. We customize them to match the color and shape of your existing teeth. Because of the secure connection between the dental implant and your jawbone, dental implants feel like organic teeth and provide similar biting and chewing power.

2) Long-lasting Solution:

Dental implants have a remarkable history of users worldwide. Why? Because they are a long-lasting solution. With proper care and hygiene, dental implants could last a lifetime. Although dental implants may initially be more expensive than other dental options, it’s important to remember that this procedure offers a permanent solution and, therefore, can save you money in the long run.

3) Improved Oral Health:

When you have a missing tooth or gap in your mouth, it creates more space and an environment for food to accumulate. This leaves you at risk of gum inflammation and tooth decay. Dental implants guarantee that your teeth structure remains intact, which helps prevent further problems with oral hygiene and health.

4) Confidence Boost:

Missing teeth can affect one’s confidence. It can be embarrassing, especially when meeting new people and interacting with others. Regaining your smile is one of the most sought-after and obvious benefits of dental implants. The procedure makes you feel confident again; it puts a beautiful smile back on your face.

5) Improved Quality of Life:

Dental implants can improve the quality of your life in many ways. They give individuals the confidence to explore social situations freely, eat and drink what they want, and enjoy a pain-free oral experience. Dental implants help individuals restore not only their smile but also their quality of life.

5) Easy Maintenance:

It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene, such as brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and using antimicrobial mouthwash. You should also avoid foods that are too hard, sticky, or chewy, as they can put pressure on the implants and damage them. Finally, regular dental check-ups are necessary to monitor the health of your gums and maintain the appearance and functionality of your dental implants. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure your dental implants remain strong, healthy, and beautiful for years to come.

How Do I Get Dental Implants?

Dental implant placement is a multi-step procedure that requires a dedicated and experienced dental team like that at Acorn Dental. The following is the complete dental implant placement process, so you’ll know exactly what to expect during the procedure.

We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care throughout every process step. With us, you can be assured that you are getting the best treatment available to restore your oral health and enhance your smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to look into our dental implant services.

Consultation and Examination

The first step towards getting dental implants is to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Woodfork and our dental team. During the consultation, our team will evaluate your oral health and determine if dental implants suit you. This will include taking X-rays of your mouth and examining your gums and teeth. The consultation also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the procedure.

Treatment Plan

Once we have evaluated you, our dental team will create a personalized treatment plan. This treatment plan will determine the number of implants you need, the type of implant, and the location of the implant placement. The treatment plan will meet your specific needs and goals. Once we create the treatment plan, our dental team will go through it with you, explaining every step.

Implant Placement

The dental implant placement procedure can begin once we have finalized the treatment plan. During the process, Dr. Woodfork will first numb the mouth area where we place the implant. We will make a small incision in the gum tissue and place the implant into the jawbone. The incision will be closed with stitches, and we’ll put a healing cap or cover over the implant to protect it while it heals.


After we place the implant, the process of osseointegration begins. Osseointegration is a process where the implant fuses with the jawbone, creating a solid foundation for the implant. Osseointegration can take several months to complete. You should avoid eating hard or sticky foods that can damage the implant during this time.

Crown Placement

The final step of the dental implant placement process is the attachment of the crown. The crown is the visible part of the implant that looks like a natural tooth. Once osseointegration has occurred, we remove the healing cap or cover, and the abutment is attached to the implant. The crown is then placed on top of the abutment, giving you a fully functional, natural-looking replacement tooth.

Dental Implants Near Me in Marlton, New Jersey

At Acorn Dental, we strive to offer you the best dental care services. Dental implants are an outstanding option for individuals who want to improve their oral health, restore their smile, and boost their confidence. 

Dental implants offer many benefits beyond cosmetic reasons. These implants provide a natural look and feel, are a long-term solution, improve oral health, boost confidence, and ultimately improve the quality of life. 

If you live near Marlton, New Jersey, we are nearby. Our experienced team of dental professionals delivers top-quality care to all patients, no matter their needs. We will work closely with you to customize a dental plan that suits your individual needs. 

We offer our patients many services beyond just routine cleanings and check-ups. Our team can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile through periodontal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry. Our periodontal treatment options address gum disease and prevent further damage to your oral health. Our cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding, help to enhance your smile. Lastly, our restorative dentistry services in Marlton, New Jersey, can repair damaged or missing teeth, ensuring your smile is as healthy and vigorous as possible. We strive to provide comprehensive care that exceeds your expectations.

Plus, our state-of-the-art Marlton facility boasts the latest in dental technology and equipment, ensuring you receive the most effective treatments possible. 

If you’re interested in exploring dental implants or want to know if you are an ideal candidate for this option, visit us. Don’t wait any longer to achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve – schedule your consultation with Dr. Woodfork today! Our professionals are always ready to assist you in achieving your dental goals.